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Trumpet lessons via Skype (or in person)

A lesson with Jim in his own words:

I strive to make the trumpet easier for you to play no matter what type or level of player you are.  By learning the proper way to breath and use the air efficiently your sound will improve immediately and playing the trumpet will become easier in all registers.
I give you a series of well thought out exercises and rewire your brain on how the trumpet works

With practice you can get your chops and playing to be wherever you want them to be.

Jim’s Skype rate is $75 per lesson (one hour)



Jim changed my life. As soon as I just opened my mind completely to what he was telling me, my playing began to change immediately. Things I once thought impossible became usual. I play the smallest mouthpieces I have ever played and am getting the largest, most resonant sound with the most dynamic range I have ever gotten. I don't quite yet have the facility that my friend Zack has, but I touch a triple C every day in the practice room, and each day the trumpet becomes easier…slowly my range above high G is opening up. I highly recommend to any trumpet player to go and hang with Jim. He is one of the nicest, most giving people I have ever met. Everything on my was recorded after meeting Jim. Though I still have far to go in my development, any freedom I enjoy on the instrument is due to him.

Russ Macklem 


Just had my lesson with Jim. It was fantastic! After only an hour I was already banging out GG’s and even a few CC’s and DD’s with very little effort. He explained a playing concept that so many other guys can’t put into words and he has figured out a system to develop it. It was worth a hell of lot more than the money!
Rob Laird– Freelance Trumpet Player — Ontario, Canada

I was very fortunate to spend some time with Jim Manley when I was doing a show in St. Louis. He has a deep understanding of efficiency, how the upper register works, the importance of the breath, and a clear approach to teaching. He definitely showed me more than a few things, and I highly recommend that you check him out.
Bill Dowling — Freelance Trumpet Player — Los Angeles, CA

Many thanks to Jim Manley for a mind-blowing lesson the other day…worked absolute magic on me! Go see this guy!
Steve Sharp — Freelance Trumpet Player — St. Louis, MO

Thank you for a great lesson last Friday. It is so great to hear a trumpet player play in the concept he is talking about, (not just talk, like many others).

Thanks for asking about my progress.

I thought that I would e-mail you this weekend, but you emailed me first. After our lesson last Friday I went home and tried this breathing, and also decided to change my breathing into your concept. I completely believe in this.

I have not used my breathing method at all this week, only yours, the first 2 days were only to get the “no air” feeling in my body, I also discovered that the first step of my breathing was like yours complete inhale, so I divided my breathing into two parts; 1. inhale just under the ribs; 2. continue up in the chest, so it was pretty simple to stop after part 1.

When I get the right feeling of the breath, low, and then the area under the lower ribs and shoulder blades feels like its going out backwards and out on the sides, it is like a small yawn, and no air in the chest. It is so small quantities of air but the result when I blow is astounding, no heavy job, it is just an easy blow. I have not tried to get over Double high C, I must get this first.

I have looked at one of the youtube clips when you talks about to use the horns resistance,I have discovered that when I get right feeling, it feels like that the trumpet works much better with the smaller amount of air, it is so obvious that I can´t believe that I have forced out the air before, the octaves feels so close together, I think this is right. 

When I bought the Flex mouthpiece I also bought some couplers with it, I have used the #4 before our lesson. After our lesson I must use the #6, it is an huge difference, I e-mailed K.O. about this and his answer solved it all, I have ordered the #6.5 and #7, I will see how these will work.

Your suggestion to open up the space between my lips is difficult to do, so I have not practiced this so much, just the air feeling. I live in a large apartment so I can´t practice with an open horn every day, I use a practice mute and it feels like I get a lot of control when using that, no force, just blow.

Best regards

Andreas Svejeback — Sweden

Jim has served as guest artist and clinician several times with my college jazz ensembles, and his abilities as a trumpeter, musician, and teacher are both remarkable and inspirational. I have witnessed his enthusiasm and love for the trumpet completely transform my students.
DR. Ronnie Ingle- Artist/Teacher of Trumpet, University of North Dakota

Having come off my last ship three years with totally wrecked chops I was positive my playing days were a thing of the past. However after talking to Jim, and then doing the things that he teaches my chops are now stronger, more in-tune, and endurance is never an issue!
Ronald W. Foster — Freelance Trumpet Player — Carnival Cruise Line

In my mid forties I realized that if I kept playing the same way, I’d be the same player for the rest of my life topping out at a high D and always worried about my chops. I reached out to Jim. He was patient and helped me learn how to learn to play the trumpet with much less effort. I now play high A’s everyday and thoroughly enjoy playing the trumpet for the first time in my life. Take a lesson with Jim. You won’t regret it!
Karl Anderson — Los Angeles, CA

Jim, you were fantastic down here last weekend – the responses to the clinic and your teaching concepts and the concerts were great.
Robert Conger -– Associate Professor of Music, Southeast Missouri State University

After laying off the trumpet for more then 30 years I was hesitant to get it back out again and do everything the hard way. Several players suggested I contact Jim for some lessons. After a few months my chops were better then they ever were when I was playing full time. He knows his stuff!
Dale Bode — Belleville, IL

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